Party Boys .Spring is in the air!

 Spring in is the air!

At the Party Boys secret underground layer Jimmy a new Party boy’s member said spring is in the air! Joey, the team captain said finally we can start going Ding-Dong ditching! Don’t forget partying all night and annoying the new neighbors said Bobby. How could I forget! Said Joey. That’s the best part! A few days later they already had invited people to a party at midnight! Around midnight friends began pouring in .When the party was really alive neighbors started yelling at the people at the party. Someone had gotten so mad (of course) and called the cops (happens every time!).

Then one day a Billy, a new neighbor asked to be a part of the Party Boys! No neighbor had ever asked to be a part of the Party Boys, so they said yes. But what they didn’t know was that the Billy was a former spy! A few days later Joey said he wanted to go spying! So he asked anybody if they knew how to spy, but Billy didn’t tell him! So joey went to the book store and stole a book on how to be a spy. And when he chose Billy to be his spy partner .Billy had to say yes, otherwise he would be kicked out of the Billy relearned all the spy moves and tricks that he had learned years ago. Joey had chosen Jimmy to make them a mission and the mission was to spy on Mrs. Robin. She was a mean lady, and especially mean to the party boys. The mission was to sneak into Mrs. Robin’s house and to figure out how she called the police so fast. When they arrived at her door joey tried to open the door but Billy yelled stop! Joey jumped and yelled at Billy.Billy said that the door might be electrocuted. (Which means when you touch the handle it might give you a shock?)Joey asked Billy how he knew that. Billy replied that he had read a spy book.Joey asked for the name and Billy said it was how to spy by Carmen Varna. Billy said that was a good book. But it turns out that the door was a normal door. As soon as they figured that out, Billy picked the lock and they were inside. They went upstairs and then Billy whispered to Joey that there might be cameras, but he was wrong again. Joey asked him why he thought that Mrs. Robin’s house was full of weird gadgets. Then all of a sudden Billy was telling him that he was a spy! Joey was very surprised. Then he said cool! When the two got back to their secret lair Joey explained everything. The gang was very excited .they never had a real spy on their team. So they partied all night. A few months later they went back to Mrs. Robin’s house. By the joy were a master spy and Billy remembering all the techniques. Together they were amazing spies. After the explored they taught the rest of the gang spy stuff. A year passed and the gang had explored 20 houses. And nobody knew.


If You Give a Penguin a Mango

When you fly to Antarctica with mangoes, and if you give a Penguin one of them  , he’ll ask for some more. When you are all out of mangoes, the Penguin will ask you to fly back and get some more. When you are back in Antarctica, he’ll ask you for mangoes, but you will have to say no because they are not ripe yet. Every minute, Penguin will  keep asking you for mangoes, and you will have to say No!No!No! The next day , as soon as you get up, he will ask you if the mangoes are ripe yet. The chances are you will say, “Only one is ripe.”. After you give it to him, he”ll ask you to play some games with him that you have brought along. The next day he will ask you, Are they ripe yet?”. When you go to check it, they all are ripe! Then he”ll ask you to build a tree house. So you will get the wood, and some nails and a hammer from your plane that you had brought along in case the wing broke. After you are all done, he”ll ask you to decorate it. Then you will get the wallpaper and glue that you were going to use to decorate the inside of the plane., and then he will ask you for some furniture. You will use the furniture from the plane. When you wake up next morning , the penguin will ask you to fill a tank with snow. Then he will ask you for a pool and fill it up with ocean water and then put the pool in the tank. Then you take him home in the tank and give him all the mangoes that he wants…

When a Leprechaun was my teacher

When I walked into my classroom, I didn’t see my teacher. So I went over my teacher’s desk, I saw a small person standing on my teacher’s chair. As I was walking towards my desk, he walked to the front of the room and asked me to get his chair. He then introduced himself to the class. He said, “I am Leprechaun, and I am going to be your teacher for today and if you be good, I’ll give you a pot of gold.  The one with most pots of gold, gets a huge pot of gold in exchange and also gets a very special candy that I have got from Greenland which is called fabuloso Candoso”.  I then walked over to my desk and did my morning work.

As we were ready to go out for recess, we heard a big crash and a lot of screaming. Some of the teachers noticed that  there were two bad guys in the pod, and one teacher called the police but  they took a long time to come. Suddenly two bad guys kicked down our classroom door, grabbed the Leprechaun and ran down the hallway. But they forgot their two hummers in our pod. I ran out the classroon, bumped into an armed hummer and jumped into it. All the kids in my class followed me and jumped into the hummer. My friend Bo was sitting right next to me and he rolled down his window. I started driving really fast and I bonked into the bad guys and Leprechaun went flying in the air and Bo caught him and put him in his lap. Bad guys noticed that we had the armed hummer, and they ran towards the other hummer. I crashed out the door speeding fast and lot of glass went flying, but out hummer didn’t get damaged anywhere. We didn’t get hurt at all, but the guys got hurt and their hummer got a lot of scratches and dents on it. This was my first time driving  but I was very good at it because I had seen my dad drive his car. The bad guys were very bad at driving as they hadn’t seen their dads drive the car ever. They kept on backing up the car and turning and backing up and turning and finally the cops came and arrested the bad guys.

I got to keep the armed hummer and now we take it on fiedtrips and I always get to drive it  as I am the best driver in my class.

The week Santa was my teacher


One day when I walked into my class I was shocked because Santa was my teacher. I said “Where is my real teacher”. “Ho Ho Ho he is on vacation” he said. Then I walked to my desk and Santa introduced himself to the class. Everyone gasped. I told my neighbor that Santa is our teacher. I can’t believe it. When it was lunch time Santa was nice to everyone.

The next day when I walked into my class room, Santa was still my teacher. And I wondered how long he was going to be my teacher. It was Math time already; after that Santa gave us easy words to spell in our test. Later he said “everyone please come up to the front and sit on the ground”. I am going to give presents”. Everyone said “yeahh ”. Gabby raised her hand and said “now??”/ “Of course I am, I have them in my bag” he said. Gabby asked, “Where is your bag?”. Santa said “Ho Ho Ho that was one of my magic tricks that I am going to show you”. He moved his hand up and down, and then pooh the bag of presents appeared. Everyone said “ oooh”. He went row by row and gave away the presents from his bag. Kids were so happy and gave the rest of the presents to other classes. Loren asked “Can we play with them in the classroom?”.  He sais “no.. we are going outside to play with them” But the kids said “Santa, it is winter and it is cold outside”. Santa said “I can magically make summer and warm outside”. Everyone went outside and was happy while playing. They shared their toys with one another.

The next day Santa brought his reindeer to school and asked all the classed to come outside to the play ground. He said, “I’;; make it summer and so everyone will not be cold”. This reindeer is called Rudolph”. Everyone cheered and said “We love Rudolph”. This one called Cam because she takes pictures of where ever we go. She can guide us back if we get lost”. This one called Pic. She can draw pictures of places that I go.”

The next day my real teacher and Santa were  in the class. He went to the front of the class and asked “How’s everyone doing?” Kids were happy to see out real teacher.

Just That Gum – Poem

Everybody is chewing gum

everywhere in the house up and down

outside, in the bathroom, in the bedroom while they are sleeping

they are chewing it in front of the TV and the computer

while they are working and playing too.

They are blowing bubbles and popping them and getting messy

they are grabbing more and more gum

while they are cooking, shoveling the snow and planting plants

they are chewing and blowing and chewing and blowing

they are chewing it while they are cleaning, and traveling and taking pictures

painting pictures, walking their dogs and cats, exercising, reding books

mixing, pouring and fixing

hanging, baking and decorating

shopping for groceries, doing chores around the house

they are chewing while driving, mopping, mowing and doing laundry

knitting, folding clothes and blankets,writing, working, dancing and singing

taking a shower, dusting, running

jumping all around the house

The Party Boys

Once there were some college boys that lived in a house. Every single night they partied; they played loud music. They ran to peoples houses and knocked on their door and hid behind the bush. They put a party popper right in front of neighbor’s door; so when they step on the string, it would blow up and they will fall down. Some people got mad at them; very mad. Some people could not sleep for the whole night. Some put ear muffs so that they could sleep. The boys blew off fire crackers in the sky. They invited more boys to come over and party. One boy had on a blue T-shirt with blue jeans; another had a shirt that had a picture of a monster on it. He was wearing brown jeans. These two boys lived in the house and they were the hosts of the party. One of the guest boys just sat down on a bench and another boy asked why aren’t you playing with us? He said, “I am tired of partying and I am tired when I go to school in the morning.” So both of them started running towards their car; the party boys saw them and fired some fire crackers at them. But instead the fire crackers smashed right into party boys’ cars and the car exploded. The guest boys found out that they didn’t have enough gas, so they jumped on their bike. The party boys raced toward their bikes, and hopped on it and followed the guests. The guest boys went off the ramp and over a huge wall and landed safely. The party boys raced really fast and when they jumped off the ramp, they got stuck in a tree. That’s how they learnt their lesson.

My Best Friend Got Turned into a Turkey

One day I went to school. I unpacked and I went inside the classroom and worked on my buzz log. Suddenly 2 bad guys came into our classroom, one had black hair and light skin, and the other one had light hair and he had a T-shirt that said ‘Crush stuff down to make everything light’. They also had a machine that could change anyone into turkeys. The T-shirt bad guy got into the machine, to check if he had enough gas to crush walls down and to crush stuff into little pieces.  The other bad guy went to the back of the machine and checked if he had enough turkey rays. The machine looked like a trash truck, but shinier and it had a tank in the back of it. It was of black color, had fire painted on it and it had shiny wheels on that. If the sun shined on the wheels, it would go through the metal. It was very cool, and the front was flat like some buses and the turkey ray had a laser pointer.

The guy with black hair started the machine and pushed the lever down. Everybody was scared because they knew that they were bad guys because they didn’t have visitor’s sticker on them, and our principal didn’t check them in. Our teacher sneaked out of our classroom and called the principal. The principal called the cops, but before the cops came, the bad guy in the T-shirt aimed the turkey ray at Isabella. That’s how Isabella got changed into a turkey. The bad guys went to the other classroom, and our teacher ran back inside and saw a turkey. He said why there is a turkey in our classroom. Gabby said, “Isabella got turned into a turkey by bad guy’s machine’. Gabby, please build a machine to change Isabella back into a kid and I’ll give you all of our classroom money that I have. So Gabby built the machine, and she shot the kid ray at Isabella and Isabella was back to a kid. She said thank you Gabby, and the teacher  gave the all the class room money that he had to Gabby, and everybody cheered for Gabby.