The following two poems are Tanka Poems.


Ice Cream

Ice cream is so soft

Ice cream is creamy

It comes in any cones

It comes in different flavors

It melts fast so eat it fast





There are lots of games

Games are fun to play

Your family plays with you

Have a friend play with you

Have a family game night


The following poem is a Bio Poem.







Fruit Band

Once there was mango who played a banjo

So its fruit friends played different instruments

The apple played the piano

while the banana played the violin

The pear played the guitar, do did the Asian pear

while Grapefruit played the brass

The grape played the clarinet

while the strawberry played the trumpet

The blueberry played the tuba

And the blueberry played the french horn.


Time to go to pumpkin patch
Thanksgiving dinner with yummy things
Time for cough drop
Creepy costumes and trick or treat
Robbins chirping in the early morning
Yelling from the football on the TV
Cheers for hot chocolate
Time to putaway motor cycles
People going crazy on Black Friday
Pretty lights on the Plaza
Leaves scattering everywhere
Houses with wreaths
Time to get out snow shovels
Time to make wish list for Santa

Kitchen Poetry

I cooked twenty baseballs in a pot today
I cooked fifteen light bulbs in a cooker yesterday
I smashed a clock with a masher on Monday
I steamed some glasses on Friday
I fried a bed on Thursday
I grilled a iPod on Wednesday
I cut a phone in half with a butcher’s knife on Tuesday
I baked a book on a skillet on  Sunday
I put some glue in a pot of boiling water
I had a blast in my kitchen everyday.