Chapter 1 Rumors

It was pleasant living on Cat Island, but there were many rumors about Dog Island. As soon as Cat Norris heard one of the rumors that Dog Norris was going to take over Cat Island, she ignored it the first couple of times. But as she heard it the 4th time, she decided to leave for dog island the very next day.  The rest of the day she just packed, packed and packed. The next day she rushed to the airport and hopped on the plane. At last her plane arrived at Dog Island. When she got to the airport it was very dirty. But she didn’t care .when she got to her hotel it was very fancy. Her bed was nicely straightened out. The next day she deiced to find dog Norris but right now she wanted to sleep.



Chapter 2 Their Search

The next day Cat Norris went all over Dog Island and  circled around Dog Island. She found a small island that said Dog Norris’s house; she was so happy that she got a car and drove right in to Dog Norris’s house. He was furious that somebody had broken into his house. He stormed in to the kitchen and spotted a front of a boat and a Cat. Cat Norris challenged Dog Norris to see who is the strongest.


Chapter 3 The Challenge

Later that day Cat Norris went back to Dog Norris’s house. She was ready to beat Dog Norris. At Dog Norris’s house dog Norris was worried sick that he was going to be beaten. But Cat Norris was relaxed and prepared for the fight. In one hit, Dog Norris collapsed. Cat Norris was really happy that she was stronger. Later that day Cat Norris decided to leave for home in the morning.




Chapter 4 The Party

When Cat Norris got back to Cat Island, she broke the news about her adventures.  Everyone was overjoyed. When Cat Norris was shopping, all her friends went inside her house and decorated it. They brought ice-cream, cake, lollipops and lots more food. When Cat Norris got home she was surprised and really glad.


Party Boys in Winter

It was a quiet night in Bobble Ville until people heard vroom vroom! Vroom! The party boys were riding snowmobiles. Soon everyone was awake  because of the racket. Someone got so frustrated that they called the cops. Pretty soon the cops were chasing the party boys. When the party boys ran out of gas, they made a run for it. Then they spotted a car. They got in it and hotwired it. They sped off, but the cops did not give up. They went faster, the cops got so mad that they setup road blocks. But they busted through the first block. Pretty soon there were road blocks here and there. Finally the car ran out of gas. So …. They jumped into a river and swam to a motorboat and kicked the guy out and sped away. Very quickly the cops showed up in their boats and started chasing them. The cops got angry and tried to jump onto the party boy’s boat. But every time a cop jumped they turned the opposite way.  Soon the cops were climbing the on bridges to jump onto the boat. Also they were lining river banks to jump onto the boat. All of a sudden the party boys’ boat came to a full stop. The cops caught the party boys and ,threw them in jail. The cops found out that the propeller had gotten jammed.

Easter Egg Hunt Surprise

When I went to the Easter egg hunt, it was fun. When I was hunting for Easter eggs, I heard a sound vroom vroom. Hundreds of motorcycles roared into the park. The bikers said that the Easter bunny was the most wanted man in America. The grown-ups were worried about their kids, but the kids were thinking about throwing eggs at the bunny and about whacking him about their baskets.

In the meantime the Easter bunny started running towards the creek behind the park. The bikers got on their bikes and started chasing the Easter bunny. Some of the kids ran to their houses and got into their parent’s cars, started driving the cars and began chasing the Easter bunny. I jumped into my dad’s pickup and started driving really fast towards the park. Some of the kids got into my pickup truck and stood on the bed all ready to jump on the Easter bunny.

The Easter bunny found a bike and drove off on the road. Someone had called up 911, and the police showed up pretty fast and the bunny was cornered. The bunny found a ramp, drove in it and flew in the air. The bikers drove on it too. The police and the kids split up and they found out where he had landed. Suddenly bunny’s bike broke down; bunny went to the nearest biker and punched him in the face. Bunny them got on the biker’s bike and drove into a police car, went high in the air and landed into the cage that the cops had carried with them. Now the Easter bunny was trapped and was sent to Alcatraz jail.


The following two poems are Tanka Poems.


Ice Cream

Ice cream is so soft

Ice cream is creamy

It comes in any cones

It comes in different flavors

It melts fast so eat it fast





There are lots of games

Games are fun to play

Your family plays with you

Have a friend play with you

Have a family game night


The following poem is a Bio Poem.






Fruit Band

Once there was mango who played a banjo

So its fruit friends played different instruments

The apple played the piano

while the banana played the violin

The pear played the guitar, do did the Asian pear

while Grapefruit played the brass

The grape played the clarinet

while the strawberry played the trumpet

The blueberry played the tuba

And the blueberry played the french horn.

The Party Boys are Back

It was  really quiet on New Year’s eve.  Then all of a sudden. Boom!Bam! The party boys were firing fireworks. Then they noticed it was time. So they ran inside , switched on a tv to watch the ball in the Times Square drop. The people were just saying, Five,four, three, two, one, happy New year everybody. The boys said, “Boo Hoo, oh ya, Woo Hoo Oh ya. Then they ran downstairs to the basement and started playing their instruments. All of a sudden they heard a sound – chch. One of the boys named Ricky, ran outside. The cops said we got the hosue surrounded. So Ricki called all the boys up. Instead of putting their hands up, they ran to the motorcycle as fast as they could. Then they drove off. The cops chased after them. Finally they came to a Ramp. They even drove off too. The first cop landed safely. The 2nd cop landed safely too. But the third landed on the roof of the second cop’s car. So did the other cops. But the first cop kept on driving till the party boys came to a sea. But those motorcycles weren’t just motorcycles but boat-a-cycles. So they drove off and landed safely on the sea. But the cop went directly to the ocean floor and the party boys drove home.


Time to go to pumpkin patch
Thanksgiving dinner with yummy things
Time for cough drop
Creepy costumes and trick or treat
Robbins chirping in the early morning
Yelling from the football on the TV
Cheers for hot chocolate
Time to putaway motor cycles
People going crazy on Black Friday
Pretty lights on the Plaza
Leaves scattering everywhere
Houses with wreaths
Time to get out snow shovels
Time to make wish list for Santa