Baking Tips

  1. Make sure all the ingredients are not EXPIRED!!!!!!
  2. Check if you have if you have enough of the ingredients BEFORE you start cooking.
  3. Put a skewer of toothpick into the center of the cake,cupcakes,etc and if it come mostly clean or completely clean it mean its done.
  4. Always preheat the oven.
  5. Don’t take the cake, etc out of the pan immediately unless the recipe says to.
  6. Read the recipe word by word,step by step so your food turns out right.
  7. Make sure you put in all the ingredients in and in order.
  8. Frost the cake,cupcakes,etc  after they are cool unless the recipe says to do them while there warm.
  10. Turn the oven off after you are done using it.
  11. Wear oven mitts to take things out of the oven!!!
  12. Use light parchment paper when making cookies because darker ones tend to get hot faster and that might burn your cookies.
  13. Hot water usually gets frosting off things.

Leave a comment if you have any baking tips.



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