Adventures of Cat Norris


Chapter 1 Rumors

It was pleasant living on Cat Island, but there were many rumors about Dog Island. As soon as Cat Norris heard one of the rumors that Dog Norris was going to take over Cat Island, she ignored it the first couple of times. But as she heard it the 4th time, she decided to leave for dog island the very next day.  The rest of the day she just packed, packed and packed. The next day she rushed to the airport and hopped on the plane. At last her plane arrived at Dog Island. When she got to the airport it was very dirty. But she didn’t care .when she got to her hotel it was very fancy. Her bed was nicely straightened out. The next day she deiced to find dog Norris but right now she wanted to sleep.



Chapter 2 Their Search

The next day Cat Norris went all over Dog Island and  circled around Dog Island. She found a small island that said Dog Norris’s house; she was so happy that she got a car and drove right in to Dog Norris’s house. He was furious that somebody had broken into his house. He stormed in to the kitchen and spotted a front of a boat and a Cat. Cat Norris challenged Dog Norris to see who is the strongest.


Chapter 3 The Challenge

Later that day Cat Norris went back to Dog Norris’s house. She was ready to beat Dog Norris. At Dog Norris’s house dog Norris was worried sick that he was going to be beaten. But Cat Norris was relaxed and prepared for the fight. In one hit, Dog Norris collapsed. Cat Norris was really happy that she was stronger. Later that day Cat Norris decided to leave for home in the morning.




Chapter 4 The Party

When Cat Norris got back to Cat Island, she broke the news about her adventures.  Everyone was overjoyed. When Cat Norris was shopping, all her friends went inside her house and decorated it. They brought ice-cream, cake, lollipops and lots more food. When Cat Norris got home she was surprised and really glad.


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