Easter Egg Hunt Surprise

When I went to the Easter egg hunt, it was fun. When I was hunting for Easter eggs, I heard a sound vroom vroom. Hundreds of motorcycles roared into the park. The bikers said that the Easter bunny was the most wanted man in America. The grown-ups were worried about their kids, but the kids were thinking about throwing eggs at the bunny and about whacking him about their baskets.

In the meantime the Easter bunny started running towards the creek behind the park. The bikers got on their bikes and started chasing the Easter bunny. Some of the kids ran to their houses and got into their parent’s cars, started driving the cars and began chasing the Easter bunny. I jumped into my dad’s pickup and started driving really fast towards the park. Some of the kids got into my pickup truck and stood on the bed all ready to jump on the Easter bunny.

The Easter bunny found a bike and drove off on the road. Someone had called up 911, and the police showed up pretty fast and the bunny was cornered. The bunny found a ramp, drove in it and flew in the air. The bikers drove on it too. The police and the kids split up and they found out where he had landed. Suddenly bunny’s bike broke down; bunny went to the nearest biker and punched him in the face. Bunny them got on the biker’s bike and drove into a police car, went high in the air and landed into the cage that the cops had carried with them. Now the Easter bunny was trapped and was sent to Alcatraz jail.