Recycling is great.

Recycling is fun.

Recycling helps.

Recycling makes the world a better place.

You should reuse stuff like milk cartons, plastic, boxes, cans.

My family recycles and so do I.

Recycling is my favorite.

Recycling Rocks!


If You Give a Penguin a Mango

When you fly to Antarctica with mangoes, and if you give a Penguin one of them  , he’ll ask for some more. When you are all out of mangoes, the Penguin will ask you to fly back and get some more. When you are back in Antarctica, he’ll ask you for mangoes, but you will have to say no because they are not ripe yet. Every minute, Penguin will  keep asking you for mangoes, and you will have to say No!No!No! The next day , as soon as you get up, he will ask you if the mangoes are ripe yet. The chances are you will say, “Only one is ripe.”. After you give it to him, he”ll ask you to play some games with him that you have brought along. The next day he will ask you, Are they ripe yet?”. When you go to check it, they all are ripe! Then he”ll ask you to build a tree house. So you will get the wood, and some nails and a hammer from your plane that you had brought along in case the wing broke. After you are all done, he”ll ask you to decorate it. Then you will get the wallpaper and glue that you were going to use to decorate the inside of the plane., and then he will ask you for some furniture. You will use the furniture from the plane. When you wake up next morning , the penguin will ask you to fill a tank with snow. Then he will ask you for a pool and fill it up with ocean water and then put the pool in the tank. Then you take him home in the tank and give him all the mangoes that he wants…