When a Leprechaun was my teacher

When I walked into my classroom, I didn’t see my teacher. So I went over my teacher’s desk, I saw a small person standing on my teacher’s chair. As I was walking towards my desk, he walked to the front of the room and asked me to get his chair. He then introduced himself to the class. He said, “I am Leprechaun, and I am going to be your teacher for today and if you be good, I’ll give you a pot of gold.  The one with most pots of gold, gets a huge pot of gold in exchange and also gets a very special candy that I have got from Greenland which is called fabuloso Candoso”.  I then walked over to my desk and did my morning work.

As we were ready to go out for recess, we heard a big crash and a lot of screaming. Some of the teachers noticed that  there were two bad guys in the pod, and one teacher called the police but  they took a long time to come. Suddenly two bad guys kicked down our classroom door, grabbed the Leprechaun and ran down the hallway. But they forgot their two hummers in our pod. I ran out the classroon, bumped into an armed hummer and jumped into it. All the kids in my class followed me and jumped into the hummer. My friend Bo was sitting right next to me and he rolled down his window. I started driving really fast and I bonked into the bad guys and Leprechaun went flying in the air and Bo caught him and put him in his lap. Bad guys noticed that we had the armed hummer, and they ran towards the other hummer. I crashed out the door speeding fast and lot of glass went flying, but out hummer didn’t get damaged anywhere. We didn’t get hurt at all, but the guys got hurt and their hummer got a lot of scratches and dents on it. This was my first time driving  but I was very good at it because I had seen my dad drive his car. The bad guys were very bad at driving as they hadn’t seen their dads drive the car ever. They kept on backing up the car and turning and backing up and turning and finally the cops came and arrested the bad guys.

I got to keep the armed hummer and now we take it on fiedtrips and I always get to drive it  as I am the best driver in my class.

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