The week Santa was my teacher


One day when I walked into my class I was shocked because Santa was my teacher. I said “Where is my real teacher”. “Ho Ho Ho he is on vacation” he said. Then I walked to my desk and Santa introduced himself to the class. Everyone gasped. I told my neighbor that Santa is our teacher. I can’t believe it. When it was lunch time Santa was nice to everyone.

The next day when I walked into my class room, Santa was still my teacher. And I wondered how long he was going to be my teacher. It was Math time already; after that Santa gave us easy words to spell in our test. Later he said “everyone please come up to the front and sit on the ground”. I am going to give presents”. Everyone said “yeahh ”. Gabby raised her hand and said “now??”/ “Of course I am, I have them in my bag” he said. Gabby asked, “Where is your bag?”. Santa said “Ho Ho Ho that was one of my magic tricks that I am going to show you”. He moved his hand up and down, and then pooh the bag of presents appeared. Everyone said “ oooh”. He went row by row and gave away the presents from his bag. Kids were so happy and gave the rest of the presents to other classes. Loren asked “Can we play with them in the classroom?”.  He sais “no.. we are going outside to play with them” But the kids said “Santa, it is winter and it is cold outside”. Santa said “I can magically make summer and warm outside”. Everyone went outside and was happy while playing. They shared their toys with one another.

The next day Santa brought his reindeer to school and asked all the classed to come outside to the play ground. He said, “I’;; make it summer and so everyone will not be cold”. This reindeer is called Rudolph”. Everyone cheered and said “We love Rudolph”. This one called Cam because she takes pictures of where ever we go. She can guide us back if we get lost”. This one called Pic. She can draw pictures of places that I go.”

The next day my real teacher and Santa were  in the class. He went to the front of the class and asked “How’s everyone doing?” Kids were happy to see out real teacher.

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