The Party Boys

Once there were some college boys that lived in a house. Every single night they partied; they played loud music. They ran to peoples houses and knocked on their door and hid behind the bush. They put a party popper right in front of neighbor’s door; so when they step on the string, it would blow up and they will fall down. Some people got mad at them; very mad. Some people could not sleep for the whole night. Some put ear muffs so that they could sleep. The boys blew off fire crackers in the sky. They invited more boys to come over and party. One boy had on a blue T-shirt with blue jeans; another had a shirt that had a picture of a monster on it. He was wearing brown jeans. These two boys lived in the house and they were the hosts of the party. One of the guest boys just sat down on a bench and another boy asked why aren’t you playing with us? He said, “I am tired of partying and I am tired when I go to school in the morning.” So both of them started running towards their car; the party boys saw them and fired some fire crackers at them. But instead the fire crackers smashed right into party boys’ cars and the car exploded. The guest boys found out that they didn’t have enough gas, so they jumped on their bike. The party boys raced toward their bikes, and hopped on it and followed the guests. The guest boys went off the ramp and over a huge wall and landed safely. The party boys raced really fast and when they jumped off the ramp, they got stuck in a tree. That’s how they learnt their lesson.


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