The Turkey that Crashed On the Moon

Once there was a farmer who was about to go to the moon the next day, and he had a turkey to cook up for Thanksgiving lunch. Next day there was no sign of the turkey or his rocket ship. He said, “hmm. Let me see here. My turkey is gone and my rocket ship is gone too.  I get it. The turkey went in the rocket ship to the moon. How would I get the turkey if I don’t have rocket ship? May be I should build another rocket ship.”

So the farmer ran off to the junkyard and got a huge engine. He cleaned the engine slick and shiny, and somehow he got into the engine and took out all the old parts out of the engine.  He looked at the each of the parts that he had thrown away, and he bought new parts for those. He went back to the farm and he remembered where all the parts went inside the engine.  Then he built the bottom of the rocket ship and he painted it black, yellow red.  Then he built the top and middle part of the rocket ship; the top had golden ring painted on it.  And the middle part had a little fancy and a little cool painting. On one side he drew rock stars and on the other side he painted musicians playing strings.  He said to himself, “Whew! I did a lot of work just now. Let me go and catch that turkey way up in space. “

Now let’s go to the space and see what the turkey is doing. The turkey was jumping back and forth inside the rocket ship. He did not know where he was. Suddenly another rocket ship came, and sitting inside was the famer. But the turkey didn’t see the farmer, and while he was jumping around the rocket ship, by accident he hit the button that made the rocket ship go really fast. The farmer said, “Why did the turkey press the Go button?” So the farmer also pressed the go button. The turkey was really scared now, and he hit the pedal and the rocket ship went faster than a jet with 500 horses with wings that was also flying in the space.  Luckily the turkey saw a space suit and a helmet, and he put those on.  Right after that, the turkey jumped out of the rocket ship and landed on the moon. One second after that, the rocket ship came zooming and crashed on the moon. The turkey was still very scared, and ran around and around on the moon. Couple of minutes after that, farmer’s rocket ship landed on the moon. The farmer started running after the turkey, and he stopped and the turkey came the other way and he grabbed the turkey. Then the farmer ran back to the rocket ship, and he flew back to earth with turkey sleeping in the back of the ship. The farmer took the turkey inside his house, and he decided not to cook the turkey. He said, ‘You are a good boy, and patted him on the head and took him back to his little home.

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