My Best Friend Got Turned into a Turkey

One day I went to school. I unpacked and I went inside the classroom and worked on my buzz log. Suddenly 2 bad guys came into our classroom, one had black hair and light skin, and the other one had light hair and he had a T-shirt that said ‘Crush stuff down to make everything light’. They also had a machine that could change anyone into turkeys. The T-shirt bad guy got into the machine, to check if he had enough gas to crush walls down and to crush stuff into little pieces.  The other bad guy went to the back of the machine and checked if he had enough turkey rays. The machine looked like a trash truck, but shinier and it had a tank in the back of it. It was of black color, had fire painted on it and it had shiny wheels on that. If the sun shined on the wheels, it would go through the metal. It was very cool, and the front was flat like some buses and the turkey ray had a laser pointer.

The guy with black hair started the machine and pushed the lever down. Everybody was scared because they knew that they were bad guys because they didn’t have visitor’s sticker on them, and our principal didn’t check them in. Our teacher sneaked out of our classroom and called the principal. The principal called the cops, but before the cops came, the bad guy in the T-shirt aimed the turkey ray at Isabella. That’s how Isabella got changed into a turkey. The bad guys went to the other classroom, and our teacher ran back inside and saw a turkey. He said why there is a turkey in our classroom. Gabby said, “Isabella got turned into a turkey by bad guy’s machine’. Gabby, please build a machine to change Isabella back into a kid and I’ll give you all of our classroom money that I have. So Gabby built the machine, and she shot the kid ray at Isabella and Isabella was back to a kid. She said thank you Gabby, and the teacher  gave the all the class room money that he had to Gabby, and everybody cheered for Gabby.

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